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1900 forward : the descendants of

Clarence King

Clarence Elbert King

b. 18 Aug 1884, Laramie WY

d. 24 Oct 1970, Santa Barbara CA

Lula Maude Winters

b. 3 Aug 1887, Ft Wayne IN

d. 6 Feb 1974, Glendale CA

married 8 Jun 1907, Los Angeles CA

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KING, Ruel Darwin 6

known as Dolly to many, Virginia was born in Salt Lake City, migrated to Rio de Janeiro, and settled in San Diego CA where she owned and managed an apartment building.

born in Salt Lake City, Hersch served int he SB division of the armed forces during WWII, worked on the pipelines in Alaska, managed a resort hotel in Rancho Mirage, lived a quiet life in Seattle and returned to the Los Angeles area to live out his days.

Her life was spent aiding and nursing others. Born in Salt Lake City, she went where she was needed, finally settling in Santa Barbara, CA

Donna had a love of people and animals alike,

bestowing her good fortune where it was needed.

She began life in Salt Lake City and traveled the world with her husband, oil man and ornithologist, Bill. In her later years, she turned her talents to the purchase, renovation and sale of real estate.

Like his father, construction was his trade, however he had a love of canoe building and a talent for painting. Serving in Europe during WWII he was interned in a German prison camp and upon leaving the service, was awarded a Purple Heart.

He retired to La Canada, CA.

The youngest of six, Ruel left his home in Salt Lake City at age 14, making his way to California. He served in the Pacific during WWII then migrated to Ohio working as an insurance agent and a contractor, returning to California to broker heavy equipment. He roamed the Southwest, settling in Arizona, slowing down but never stopped working.

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Lula and Clarence began their family in Salt Lake City, UT in 1908 with the birth of their first daughter, Virginia.... to be written

Together they had six children.

Clarence also married

Maude Madray

on __________

b. _____, __________

d. ______, _______________

Lula also married


on _____

b. _____, __________

d. ______, _______________

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